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All horse owners lending their horses to the 2015 World Cup, will be entered into an exclusive draw to win a Gordon Shaw Polocrosse Saddle. Go to the World cup Horse page for more details.

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DSC_1206The Junior classic 2014 was held in Mooi River in April. Our Peewee group can be seen in this photo, they played in the tournament and received coaching from some of our National players.


Results from the 2015 Season will be displayed on this Site

The South African World Cup Team announced
The South African World Cup Team was announced at the annual SA Champs held earlier this year, press the World cup Logo for more details.

Win An Australian Stock Horse x TB Polocrosse Pony!
Visit the World Cup Fund Raising Page for Details or contact the PASA Secretary to find out where you can buy tickets.

Bishopstowe Fund Raiser

Posted by on 9 December 2014

Bishopstowe Polocrosse recently hosted a Halloween Night Run, to raise funds to top dress their fields. As the weather …

Polocrosse News

Posted by on 5 September 2014

The Paddock, Bishopstowe and Richmond u14 players were invited to make up a development team of 7 players to play three test matches against the Zimbabwean u14 national side. It has been a while since Zimbabwe have fielded a full u14 team and this was the reason they only wanted to play against a club side. After this weekend I think Zim are ready to take on the South African national u14 team!

World Cup Team practise against Zambia

Posted by on 20 August 2014

Report from mooi river world cup practice weekend – jean hackland

The first official team weekend for the newly selected SA team to play at next years world cup, was a great success. The team arrived at Mooi River on Friday lunchtime and settled in for some of the now familiar Mooi River/Lita hospitality. First we met with Bruce and Helene. Bruce chatted about the plans for the weekend, which was to include 2 friendly games against a Zambian squad, junior coaching and a day with photographers and film crew that was to make swimsuit models proud!



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North West

North West

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Eastern Province

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Free State

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Rakoi Club

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