About PASA

The Polocrosse Association of South Africa (PASA) is made up of 24 clubs, in 2014 we had 343 affiliated members.
Polocrosse is played in the following provinces Natal, Mpumalanga,Eastern Province, Western Province, Orange Free State, Limpopo and Guateng.

PASA is an affordable equestrian organisation, they promote all levels of riders, there are frequent international tours for the open age group, veterans, u25, u19, u16 and u14 age groups. Younger players are not limited according to their age, if they are good enough they are old enough! Women and Men get equal opportunities to represent their provinces and country.

Each season clubs host tournaments, Each province has a provincial tournament and teams are selected from these tournaments to represent their provinces at the annual Inter Provincial Tournament, this tournament is hosted at a different venue each year. At the end of the season all the clubs in South Africa are invited to play in the Annual South African championship. It is a great honour to win this tournament. Teams are divided into divisions at the tournaments. Each player has a handicap and the total handicap of the team will determine which division the team will play in.

There is a national handicap committee who meet three times a year and every players handicap is discussed and if needs be it is adjusted according to their level of play, this system is very fair and also makes sure a beginner does not end up playing out of their depth when they get to a tournament. The very young Children play in a PeeWee divsion where they are allowed to be led or they can just trot around at their own pace. The entry level handicap is -2 and the highest handicap is 10.

PASA have a coaching structure in place from the Director of Coaching, to the chief coach and then onto the provincial coaches and nominated club coaches. Coaching is given to any player who requests it and they are not charged for the actual coaching, they may be asked to pay for the venue and their food should the event take place over a weekend. The national teams also get extra coaching through sports psychologists, eye training and fitness assesments.
Polocrosse is an affordable equestrian sport, a player does not need more than one horse. The polocrosse horses are generally well priced compared to the horses used in other equestrian sports. Most players use thoroughbreds off the track. Two Australian stock horse stallions have been imported in from Australia over the past ten years and their progeny are now also available to purchase.

PASA are members of SAEF and SASCOC, PASA also support SANESA.